Celebrating African American History; Vine City’s Historic West Hunter Street Baptist Church

In December 2014, the late Honorable Ralph D. Abernathy III spoke to congress on behalf of his foundations and the Vine City community and stakeholders desire for the preservation of the Historic West Hunter Street Baptist Church. On December 19, 2014, Congress passed Public Law 113-29, setting in motion a study. The Vine City NPU-L Historic Westside News featured an article on these efforts in a 2008 edition of the paper. Now nearly ten years later with the exemplary leadership of our brother Ralph D. Abernathy III foundation and his…

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Black History Month,

Black History Month, also known as African-American History Month in America, is an annual observance in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom for remembrance of important people and events in the history of the African diaspora. It is celebrated annually in the United States and Canada in February, and the United Kingdom in October. The precursor to Black History Month was created in 1926 in the United States, when historian Carter G. Woodson and the Association for the Study of Negro Life and History announced the second week…

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Community English Avenue Local Governmet 

"Self Determination, Mayor Maynard Jackson Legacy:  The NPU Process"

I have been a resident of English Avenue, by choice, for nine (9) years. I have been African American since I was 29 years old. I have been a descendant of enslaved Africans for 78 years. I have been a political activist for 50 years: 25 as a Marxist, 25 as a Christian. I speak on behalf of the disempowered, disenfranchised, the least, the less and the lost with a priority on the African American community. I believe that former, deceased Mayor Maynard Jackson, reigned over a City of Atlanta…

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