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Community Voices by Historic Westside Legacy Keepers

Community Voices: In the spirit of Sankofa-Sankofa is an African word from the Akan tribe in Ghana. The literal translation of the word and the symbol is “it is not taboo to fetch what is at risk of being left behind.” -Historic Westside News Legacy Keepers Program sought to capture the remembered past of those who experienced the “Westside story,” that is, the social context leading up to, including, and following the Civil Rights movement and how it affected residents. The Interviews available here showcase the unique memories of residents living and working in or near Atlanta’s rapidly disappearing black communities. The interviews will leave listeners with a sense of how residents in Atlanta have dealt with and continue to deal with vast demographic change and the aftermath of gentrification and into the national conversation on affordable housing and gentrification.

In the Historic Westside Legacy Keepers program, 10 youth pair with college students
to learn skills in digital storytelling, photography, as well as video and audio
production. Together, these youth journalists work with institutions and organizations to
identify historical neighborhood sites as bright landmarks that surprise and inspire
residents and visitors alike. Using both oral and video to document westside history the
invaluable history of the
community is preserved.

• Engage members of the community

• Preserve history with an archive of historical information

• Strengthen relationships within the community

• Create a special programming opportunity to celebrate major events

Legacy Keepers videos and historical figure profiles are featured in Historical Westside
Newspaper and archived on the Historical Westside News website. This program is sponsored
by Choice Neighborhood Atlanta. Identified collaborators include Historic Westside News
Editorial Team, Beloved Villages, NPU-L, Star Struck Foundation, Sisters Action Team, The
Atlanta University Center, Vine City Civic Association.

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