Regulators Request Comment on Flood Insurance Information

Regulators have requested public comment on proposed questions and answers regarding private flood insurance, which is intended to help lenders comply with a rule implementing past private flood insurance provisions.

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Fed Issues Rule Supporting Program Implementation

Regulators have announced an interim final rule supporting the Treasury Department’s implementation of a program established by Congress to make capital investments in minority depository institutions and community development financial institutions.

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Fed Clarifies Definitions Guidance

The Federal Reserve has clarified guidance relating to definitions for minority depository institutions, expanded the definition to include women-owned financial institutions, and highlighted resources available to these banks through its Partnership for Progress program.

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Black History Scavenger Hunt; Celebrating Black History 365

Carter G. Woodson created Negro History week in 1926 to elevate a period of celebration.  According to Jeff Johnson, “The caveat to that was it required us to actually study enough history outside of the celebration to continuously share during it. ”  Well here at Historic Westside News, we make a concrted effort to do just that. That’s why we are hostikng the Black History Scavenger Hunt on  March 21, 2021, at 1:00PM. Meet at the starting point (Apex Museum Parking Lot ). Guided from any smart phone, teams make their way…

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The 1906 Atlanta Race Riot Education Youth 

Legacy Keepers: The Atlanta 1906 Race Riot

By 1900 the population of Atlanta had more than doubled to 89,872 from its 1880 level including the black population that quadrupled. This increase led to increased job competition and white politicians responded as they had during slavery by implementing and expanding Jim Crow. These laws included segregated neighborhoods, public transportation, and schools. Despite these hurdles, black excellence persisted. By this time three black colleges were created in Atlanta and a small number of black families achieved a significant measure of success. Black men continued to exercise the vote they…

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