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Podcast Broadcasts Live from English Avenue

English Avenue resident, Melissa Harper, broadcast Funny Talk With Real People a podcast in which you will definitely here some real stuff, but with a funny twist! Funny Talk With Real People was created in 2016 by comedian Damien “Mr. Inappropriate” Clarke.  Meka and Melissa joined as weekly co-hosts in February 2017.The three effortlessly connected and have since been bringing the laughs and the realness. Ozzie Van Egbert and Tyger Escobar are the newest additions to the show completing this five member cast of robust personalities. These five give a…

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The Last Mile:  Westview Drive

Author:  Brent Brewer Whose route this is I think I know Though we’re always busy and on the go For that long last mile before we get home We’ll soon slow down the traffic flow. Folks kept alive by affordable care Taking their pills with their daily three squares They struggle with chronic “black” diseases While driving that last mile before they sleep. The car commuters think it queer To hear bold bikers shift their gears, Zipping downtown in under thirty minutes And cycling the last mile before they sleep.…

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