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Affordable Housing Units for Legacy Renters

ATLANTA , February 2, 2018 – Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms announced today another step forward in mitigating the displacement of legacy renters in Atlanta’s Historic Westside, one of the City’s most vulnerable communities. In support of her $1 billion public-private Affordable Housing Initiative, Mayor Bottoms, with the Westside Future Fund (WFF), announced that 51 new and soon-to-be renovated housing units will be available to legacy renters, particularly those who are most at-risk and currently underserved in the market – such as senior citizens on fixed-incomes and full-time low wage earners.…

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Atlanta is 100th City Worldwide to Actively Study Resilience

Resilience isn’t exactly a household term. The word itself is malleable, and tends to be used as a catch-all term—physical resilience, mental resilience, workplace resilience. The City of Atlanta, along with The Rockefeller Foundation, thinks it applies perfectly to cities. Atlanta was selected, along with 99 other cities, to participate in the 100 Resilient Cities initiative. Pioneered by The Rockefeller Foundation, 100 Resilient Cities is a three-phase process to help identify areas of strife—chosen by citizens themselves—and develop a Resilience Strategy to proactively address those issues. So what is resilience,…

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"Self Determination, Mayor Maynard Jackson Legacy:  The NPU Process"

I have been a resident of English Avenue, by choice, for nine (9) years. I have been African American since I was 29 years old. I have been a descendant of enslaved Africans for 78 years. I have been a political activist for 50 years: 25 as a Marxist, 25 as a Christian. I speak on behalf of the disempowered, disenfranchised, the least, the less and the lost with a priority on the African American community. I believe that former, deceased Mayor Maynard Jackson, reigned over a City of Atlanta…

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