About Us

Company History

The Historic Westside newspaper was an initiative that arose from the community desire to produce an expanded version of West End and NPU-L Historic Westside newsletters to ensure the connectivity of Atlanta Historic Westside communities and create a space for uncensored community voices. In 2016, the community vision received  support and funding from the  City of Atlanta’s Living Cities City Accelerator grant that was awarded to increase civic engagement in the Westside neighborhoods to realize their collective vision.

Our Goals

To produce an independent self-sustaining  community newspaper that preserve and promotes the history and legacy of Atlanta Historic Westside Communities.

Meet the Team

The Historic Westside News Publishing Team has over ten year combined experience in producing the West End  and NPU-L Historic Westside newsletters.

  • Production Director, Kenton Clayton
  • Managing Editor, Brent Brewer
  • Managing Coordinator, D. Makeda Johnson
  • Social Media/Web Editor, Colette Haywood
  • Community Content Editors:
    •  Christi Jackson
    • Melody Cook
    • Gwendolyn Weddington
    • Gil Frank
    • Malika Saramaat Imhotep
    • Lyndonn Green
    • Terica Black Bashir
  • Volunteer Writers, Poets, and Artwork
    • Al-Yasha Williams
    • Amakiasu Shabaka
    • Brent Brewer
    • D.Makeda Johnson
    • Jessie Phillips
    • Dr. Jessica Blalock
    • Joe Dreher
    • Lauren Estadt
    • Malika Saramaat Imhotep
    • Mary Wilhite
    • Megan Cook
    • Merle Crim-Dubois
    • Nasim Fluker
    • Dr. R. Candy Tate
    • Dr. Taba Akintobi
    • Terry Ross
    • Colette Haywood



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