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Historic Westside News Call for Submissions

Historic Westside News
The “Total Submission” checklist
New skills for our writers and editors!
Historic Westside News (HWN) covers news and events to ensure the connectivity of Atlanta’s westside communities and create a space for uncensored community voices. We focus on bringing the news to the community  online daily and publish a print version bi-monthly. HWN is delivered door to door and available in many newsstands in the area or online.

Are you interested in writing for us? Email Us Your Submission!

The 8-point checklist:
Write story (may supply suggested headline)
Format story (Microsoft Word, Garamond font, 14pt type, with paragraph headers – if used – in Garamond 16 pt bold)
Have story copy edited by copy editor (Makeda Johnson)
Determine and acquire photos/images to use, acquire them or work with photography editor to get them (Colette Haywood)
Process photos, perhaps with help of photography editor (convert to grayscale, jpeg or tiff format, crop, adjust brightness/contrast)
Provide author byline (20-40 words)
Provide author photo (suggested, but not required; processed as with other photos)
Suggest call out/inset boxes where desirable


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