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It’s Not Too Late! Vision Board Your Way Into 2018

By Briana Myrie

I think it’s safe to proclaim that 2017 was an exhausting year. Let’s take inventory. We’ve awaken in fear and disappointment daily from the never-ending news stream coming out of Trump’s White House. We’ve seen lots of devastation from the major natural disasters that took place this year. To top it off, Atlanta’s traffic feels like it has quadrupled.

All of that considered, the New Year  seems like a future oasis we’re all grasping for. However,  between bouncing back  from holiday spending and the lingering uncertainty in this New Year, many of us are seeking ways to de-stress. Vision boards commonly top people’s list of thing to do before the New Year-but it is not too late . Honing in on the Law of Attraction, the goal of vision boarding is to visualize your outcomes.

Here are three reasons vision boarding is recommended:

  • It provides clarity.
  • It helps you keep focused.
  • It helps fight limiting beliefs.

I like to think of my vision board as a way to loosely plan my goals for the  year. Instead of focusing on things I want to buy, I prefer to think of small milestones I want to reach that will ultimately lead me to a specific goal or to my ideal lifestyle. That way, whenever the new year presents me with obstacles, my vision board can refocus me and be my source of inspiration.

Create a list of your goals in the following areas: career, finances, relationships, health and personal growth (spiritual and self-esteem). Consider more than just large goals, think about how you want to feel in the new year and the lifestyle you want to cultivate. Be sure to write down affirmations that speak to you and counteract your personal limiting beliefs.

Collect images: This is the fun part! Old magazines are the most popular way to find images, but you can use pictures from anywhere. During this process, remember your pictures don’t have to be literal or of material things, focus on choosing images that make you feel good when you see them. If your goal is to build a relationship, instead of looking for a photo of a man or woman you can find a picture of two people holding hands or simply a heart. The idea of visualizing is to use photos and affirmations that will draw your attention and re-center your focus.

Make your vision board! There are no rules for this part; make it your own. Choose what size you want your vision board to be and where it will be displayed. Choose what materials to use. Personally, I like to make my vision board small so it can sit on my desk where I can see it everyday. Cardstock, cork board and poster board make great bases for a vision board. Once you choose a base, organize your photos on your board and decorate

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