Introducing Mason Wright A 10 Year Old Entrepreneur

Lillian Thomas: Mason’s Super Dogs introduce yourself and tell me your name and what business are you in?

Mason : My name is Mason Wright, of Mason’s Super Dogs. I’m 11 years old, and I run my own business. I’m the founder, owner, [and] CEO of that business, as well.

Lillian Thomas: : You’ve been doing it for a year, so you started when you were 10 years old?

Lillian Thomas: So, where was the cart purchased from?

Mason: Well, we purchased it from online

Lillian Thomas: Right.

Mason:  I saved up for months washing dogs, cutting grass, raking leaves and cleaning garages. The cart cost $400.00. I had just visited New York with my sister and I knew that what I wanted to do; I wanted to be a businessman.

Lillian Thomas: That is great. You’re from Atlanta, and you grew up here and the family’s been here a while, right?

Mason: Yes, that is (Right.).

Lillian Thomas: That’s great.  What do your class mates think about you being a CEO?

Mason: They think it is lit!

Lillian Thomas: What was the idea behind the work and the business? You wanted to make some money, obviously. But what was the influence? Why Hot Dogs?

Mason: Well, I chose hot dogs because everyone loves hot dogs! I mean how many people don’t like hotdogs?  You can travel the world and people love hot dogs.

Lillian Thomas: Who doesn’t like hot dogs?

Mason: (Laughs) I know, right? It’s weird.. Also, I want to make hot dogs. It’s a little off topic, but I want to make hot dogs that have veggies in them, are meatless, and other types of stuff, so I can help other people who can’t really eat  hot dogs, as well.

But I started my business because I wanted to make my own money, and so I could do many things like buy the toys I couldn’t get because we didn’t have enough money, or give to my sister’s anti-gun violence campaign because they need money, or help my family.

Lillian Thomas: : I think that’s a great reason. Atlanta has a lot of young people that think they cannot achieve anything. You want to be a role model to them and show them how to make money legally.

Lillian Thomas: : Yeah.

Mason: I’m just so thankful to have a family that supports my dreams. I love it.


For business inquiries contact K. Nesbitt Wright 678-508-7163.


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