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Hagar Celebration Resiliency

By Akailah Ali
Vice President

Atlanta, GA, June 14, 2017: Hagar Civilization Training Missionary, Inc., (Hagar CTM) a nonprofit community development corporation, is strategically situated in Vine City and English Avenue communities, in the heart of Atlanta’s historic civil rights movement and at the epicenter of African Americans former economic greatness. HAGAR CTM functions under the expert leadership, guidance, and management of Sister Precious Muhammad, as she is so fondly called by residents, business professionals, elected officials, and neighborhood stakeholders. Sister Precious is an African American female real estate developer. Unfortunately, real estate development has remained a bastion of male dominance throughout the state and the nation. It is an occupation rarely held by women and especially women of color. In spite of this reality, Sister Precious has achieved an extensive performance record of successfully completing commercial and residential real estate projects that have transformed the visual appearance of the community, while providing affordable housing to seniors, disabled persons, and aging veteran residents. In addition, she developed commercial incubator space for area retailers, service companies and budding entrepreneurs, many of whom have hired local residents. With matching resource support from Invest Atlanta, and operating with a completely volunteer staff, Hagar CTM revitalized the intersection of Martin Luther King, Jr., Drive and Joseph E. Lowery Boulevard by undertaking the historic preservation and renovation of the famed Bronner Brothers property thereby creating a visually appealing Gateway to the Historic Westside. The organization’s commercial development project served as an incubator for the eight small businesses that currently occupy the retail locations. Hagar CTM again, with a matching grant from Invest Atlanta, and under the watchful eye and direction of Sister Precious, recently completed a multi-unit residential rental apartment complex located in English Avenue at 584 Griffin Street. Designed with energy conservation features provided by a grant from the Sustainable Design Collaborative of Atlanta, the once blighted property now stands as a visually attractive building that provides affordable housing with utilities included, to seniors, veterans, and disabled persons. The well-appointed one bedroom apartments are outfitted with high-end stainless steel appliances and other upgraded amenities usually reserved for the more affluent of the society. -MORE- In furtherance of Hagar CTM’s mission to rebuild lives, the organization has been in a three year collaboration with Georgia Institute of Technology’s Westside Community Alliance. The partnership operates the Westside Resource Center, which houses a free computer laboratory (the Lab) open for use by area residents. The Lab, staffed by volunteers from Spelman College, Ga Tech, and committed community residents, offers digitally disadvantaged persons with access to the internet wherein they people are able to receive free assistance with the following: ⇒ Resume development ⇒ Job-application assistance ⇒ WIFI-Access to training, job opportunities, and eligible resources ⇒ Educational enhancement through online learning assistance ⇒ Printing, telephone service, and a variety of other life enhancing services The Atlanta Community Food Bank (AFB) is also one of Hagar CTM’s significant partnership relationships and is also one of the main components operating in the Westside Resource Center, situated in the Hagar commercial property located at 907 M L King, Jr., Drive, NW. AFB assists individuals in determining their eligibility for resources and provides referrals for: ⇒ SNAP Benefits/Food Stamps ⇒ Free cell phones ⇒ Medicaid & Medicare low income savings and subsidy programs Currently, Hagar CTM is planning another phase of real estate development and anticipates creating single and multi-family affordable rental and for-sale housing that captures the historic appearance of the quaint to magnificent dwellings that are the hallmark of the Westside communities in Atlanta. Hagar CTM pictures a place wherein affordable and decent housing is a reality for most and does not require the dislocation of its residents. Hagar CTM imagines Vine City and English Avenue neighborhoods replete with newly renovated, well-built, safe, and affordable homes, thriving businesses, adventurous entrepreneurs, superior educational institutions, shops and stores, trendy ethnic restaurants, a multitude of service agencies and amenities, and a place wherein there is ample work for all the citizens. Join us in building a community where families, seniors, retirees, and business professionals, and graduating students are happy to work, live, play, and worship safely in the Westside. Envision neighborhoods transformed by sheer will and the love of community!

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