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Georgia’s First Black Nominee for Governor Since Reconstruction


Stacey Abrams, a former State House leader became Georgia’s first black female nominee for governor. The general election will deter- mine whether a black woman can win in the Deep South, a region that has not had an African-American governor since Reconstruction. She will face either Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle, the top Republican vote getter Tuesday, or Secretary of State Brian Kemp.


Good evening, Georgia. I stand here tonight grateful to the thousands of you who have joined me on this drive to his- tory. We are writing the next chapter of Georgia’s future. Where no one is un- seen, unheard or uninspired. A Georgia where we prosper – together!

I offer my congratulations to Stacey Evans and her campaign and all of her sup- porters tonight for a hard-fought
race. And I know… for the journey that lies ahead, we need every voice in our party – and every independent thinker in the state of Georgia – energized, and by our side to succeed, so I hope you will join our fight for the future.

But our mission is about more than success at the ballot box in November. Our mis- sion is to see beyond the challenges that face us, to create a Georgia where our dreams and aspirations become real and lasting legacies. A state of excellent schools, with jobs that create wealth and opportunity, and good leaders who stand up for all of us. Because that is why we are here. To ensure that all Georgians… from farmers in Montezuma… to mill workers in Dalton know we value them. That educators in Sparta and airport workers in College Park know we see their efforts. That former prisoners across our state working towards more know we believe in their redemption. We are here to ensure that everyone who calls Georgia home has the freedom and opportunity to thrive — to live their very best lives!

I am a product of the power of that mission. I am the child of a shipyard worker and a college librarian, who were called to become United Methodist ministers. A proud daughter of the Deep South. I grew up the second of six children in a family where we struggled to stay above the poverty line, but we never struggled to know what was right or to believe in our possibilities. My parents instilled in us the core values of faith, family, service and responsibility. Hard work is in my bones.

So is a deep respect for those who wake up early and come home tired but ready to read to their kids – or change clothes for a second job. And all those who are just getting by or are doing well but worry for the next generation. A respect for those who care for their loved ones or who have earned their rest and retirement. A respect for our service members, their families and veterans that call our state
home. Our campaign, and our work, is for them and their security – as we shape the future of this state we love.


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