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Ashview Heights Community Call to Action

What would you like to see for Ashview Heights in 2017? Kids playing in the front yard, adults hanging out on the front porches and dogs running freely in their own park…… ALL of that is possible in Ashview Heights when there’s a sense of community.  It starts with a simple “Hello” as you pass by or an invitation to a neighbor to walk along with you or a stop to chat or becoming a member of the Ashview Heights Community Association and by attend our monthly meetings.  Membership is $25.00/ year for residents and $50.00/ year for business owners and investors.  You may be asking yourself “How does this benefit me?”  Getting involved in your community is a great way to foster relationships with others in your neighborhood who share the same interests.

We all would like to live in a safe and friendly community that cares about one another’s well-being.  You cannot love your neighbors if you don’t know them.

You can find our 2017 General Meeting, Social Event and Community Clean-Up calendar on NextDoor,  Ashview Heights Community Association Facebook page and/or send an email to to request at copy.  Be sure to start your New Year with a copy of the 2017 calendar of events on your refrigerator!


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